Immo francois is celebrating
its 10th anniversary in 2020.

Immo Francois is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020 and we want to celebrate with you. Because without you, Immo Francois wouldn't be where we are today. And we can’t think of a better occasion to say thank you! For what exactly? For your confidence, your cooperation and for helping us make the click with your home.

We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary with 10 exclusive events, all year long! Look below to find out what the current event is and how you can take part.

Good luck!

event 04
Francois adds colour to your home.

Sign the deed in December and win paint worth €500. A lick of paint on the wall can make a world of difference! It gives your home a new lease on life. Add some colour to your home and your life!

Sign up at the office in your area.

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Our events
Event Start End Winner
Bye-bye neighbours.  15 January  13 February  14 February 
Pretty as a picture.  17 February  19 March  20 March 
Out together, back home together again.  30 March  23 April  24 April 
Francois ads colour to your home  4 May  28 May  29 May 
Holiday bliss, Homecoming bliss.  8 June  2 July  3 July 
Immo Francois, highly recommended.  13 July  27 August  28 August 
Home – Sweet – Boat.  7 September  1 October  2 October 
Francois giving.  12 October  29 October  30 October 
Best wishes from our new home.  9 November  26 November  27 November 
Party a la Francois.  7 December  28 December  29 December