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We go the extra mile,
every single day.

We’re interested in long-term relationships and aim to build a relationship of trust with all our partners, from clients to property developers.

Everything we do comes from
a passion for the profession and
our unbridled enthusiasm.
Immo Francois is an agent that cares about its clients. You won’t get smooth talk or vague terms from us – just honesty, transparency and discretion. When our clients take the step to buy or sell, we want them to have peace of mind, so that they don’t have to worry about the total bill after closing.

We are not
rookies in
our sector

Everything we do comes from a passion for the profession and our unbridled enthusiasm. We’re prepared for any questions our customer might have, even after the sale or purchase process has finished. But the dream doesn’t stop there. In the future, Immo Francois aims to be active in every facet of real estate, to include collaboration with external partners.

28 offices active
in East and
West Flanders and Brussels

Born of a passion for 
architecture and a sense 
of entrepreneurship.

The Bruges office starts out with no properties in its portfolio.
The office moves to Scheepsdalelaan in Bruges.
A second office opens, with Frederik Vermander. Diksmuide becomes a new base of operations.
In addition to Frederik Vermander, Dries meets a second like-minded real estate agent, Mathias Dewulf. Together, they work towards expanding Immo Francois.
There are 6 locations in 2015: Bruges, Diksmuide, Ostend, Zedelgem, Nieuwpoort and De Haan.
Having a strong local base proves to be a smart move. We continue our expansion in West Flanders.
The Zottegem office opening marks our first steps into East Flanders.
2018 is the year 7 new offices open their doors. And that’s how we develop a broad network with an in-depth knowledge of the region.
Our team continues to grow, and we close out the year with over 60 ambitious agents on it. 
Immo Francois is celebrating its 10th anniversary and we won't let that go unnoticed! We’re celebrating with our clients all year long.
With Chapter, we take a distinct approach to luxury real estate.

Immo Francois continues to consciously invest and establishes Francois For Professionals, a specialized branch for corporate real estate.
A collaboration with you?
Figures that don’t lie.
Immo Francois takes care of your project.
years of passion, experience and expertise in your region
years of combined experience
motivated agents
offices in your region

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A home is worth its weight in gold. You as a real estate agent must be able to empathise with the potential buyer’s situation. That’s what it’s all about. Gaining the client’s trust and using your empathy.
Dries François, Immo Francois founder

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